JUNIOR Ear Plugs will be available next week

After a long wait, JUNIOR will be arriving next week! While it may have taken longer than expected, it’s nice to see that the R & D team have taken all the time & care in the world to create a kid’s earplug that’s second to none. Utilizing the experience & knowledge that they have gained designing SurfEars & SwimEars has enabled the creation of an incredibly user friendly, functional & robust product that also looks smart.
JUNIOR lets in more sound than any other kid’s earplug currently on the market, allowing kid’s to socialize with each other or listen to instructions when in the water.

While the ergonomic & comfortable fit ensures no water can enter the ear canal, preventing painful & uncomfortable ear health issues such as swimmers ear (otitis externa) and surfer’s ear (exostosis), abnormal bone growth in the ear canal associated with extended exposure to most water based activities.

The light weight leash safely secures the plugs to the user, significantly reducing the chances of plugs being lost in the water.

Unlike Both SurfEars & SwimEars, JUNIOR does not have adjustable buds or wings. Just one solid piece per ear has been found to work much better with kids. This means no lost, broken or easily swallowed parts.  

JUNIOR is suitable for most children ages 4-12­­

JUNIOR from SurfEars on Vimeo.