Katherine Greer about to enter The St. Lawrence Estuary, Canada.


Katherine has spent most of her 60 years on earth partaking in an adventurous & active lifestyle. Surfing, swimming, kite boarding, vaka/outrigger canoeing and diving are just some of the water based activities she still enjoys to this day. Katherine uses her SwimEars plugs whenever she enters the water, most recently during a quick diving trip while on holiday in Canada. This is her experience in her own words.

 I dived in 4 degree waters a few days ago at L’estuaire Maritime du Saint-Laurent in Quebec Canada wearing SwimEars. The dive was at 20 metres for 49 minutes plus I was in the water for another 20 minutes and the SwimEars made a huge difference to my body temperature, no ice cream headache, plus they let sound in so I can still hear.  I was wearing a standard 7mm longjohn plus 7mm jacket (not a dry suit).  I never had any issues equalising but diving in cold water is difficult as I get cold quickly and I highly recommend SwimEars.