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Q: Will SwimEars™ come in different sizes? How do I know they fit my ears?
A: Don't worry, SwimEars™ are cleverly designed with changeable parts that allow you to customize the plugs to fit perfectly in your ears, providing great seal and comfort. In the box you'll find:
- On pair of pre-assembled earplugs, Medium size
- Two sealing gels size small
- Two sealing gels size large
- Two support wings size small
- One neat storage case

Q: Why do you only have two sizes of Support Wings (S+M) and three sizes Sealing Gels (S+M+L)?
A: We’ve tested SwimEars with a lot of different people and found that this size combination is enough to fit most people’s ears. Please let us know if it doesn't fit yours.

Q: How do I know which ear plug is for the right ear and left ear?
A: Please make sure to read the instruction properly before using the plugs for the first time. We recommend that you try them out in front of a mirror. Remember that the support wing is supposed to point to the back end of the ear.

Q: Is the acoustic mesh durable? What if I accidentally push it when inserting the plug?
A: The acoustic mesh is made from a polyester fabric with ultra thin fibers. It’s quite a bit stronger that you would think, so durability of the mesh itself shouldn’t be an issue. The most critical area is the adhesive strip around the perimeter of the mesh that secures it to the core part. If you push repeatedly in the center of the mesh (especially with your nails) there’s risk of adhesive failure over time, which could cause leakage. To avoid this you should make sure to push where the leash hole sits, as there's plenty of support under the mesh in that area.

Q: Do SwimEars block cold air even though the mesh is an open structure?
A: Yes, they do! The mesh is an open structure and allows a small amount of air to flow through, just enough to make you hear well but still blocking water and most of the cold air that would otherwise enter your ear. This helps avoid excessive circulation and will help keep the air inside your ear canal warm and your ears healthy.

Q: How do I prevent my plugs from falling out?
A: The fixation wings already help keep the plugs well in place and that should be sufficient for most people. To reduce risk even further we've also added an optional leash to SwimEars™, so lost plugs will be a thing of the past. There will be a clip to attach the leash to your wetsuit as well.

Q: Do SwimEars work for diving?
A: We have positive indications that they'll work for diving as well, but need to do more tests and possible some design modifications before we can say they work for sure. We know they work well for lighter underwater use like snorkling (down to a few meters) and you can pressure equalize your ears just like normal.  Really cool feeling to be able to hear so well under water!

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