User Guide

Here you will find everything you need to customise your SwimEars achieve the perfect fit.

Every pair of SwimEars contains:

1x Pair of SwimEars pre-fitted with size medium gels

2x Large gels, 2x small gels & 2x x-small gels

1x Leash

1x Storage case

*Important Note: We recommend that you use SwimEars with the leash attached to reduce the risk of losing them. Before using your product for the first time, please try all of the different sizes of sealing gels to ensure you find what size gives you the best fit possible.


Getting Started:

Firstly try your SwimEars on as they are straight out of the case. Be sure you fit the plugs correctly, they should fit snugly yet comfortably inside the ear canal. Plug should not protrude outside your ear but sit flush with it. Change the size of the gels and repeat this process until you discover the sealing gels that provide you with a comfortable and secure fit which seal in your ears. You may even find that you require a different sized sealing gel for each individual ear.

Warning: Do not push on or touch the mesh when inserting the plug into your ear.


How To Fit Your SwimEars:

How To Adjust & Fit The Leash On Your SwimEars:


How To Adjust The Position Of The Sealing Gels Of Your SwimEars:


How To Remove The Sealing Gels & Leash On Your SwimEars:


If after following these steps you are still struggling with your SwimEars, please contact us Here and we can help you remedy any of your issues.